The extensions

There are many ways to further extend the fields of application of your eX-Box:


ABBYY FlexiCapture is an optical mark recognition system (OMR) to be used for automated evaluation and scoring of paper based multiple choice exams. Together with the data from electronic exams, you get the complete overview of your examinee's assessment results.

Data Storage

Silent Cubes is a bullet proof data storage, compact (10“x10“x10“) and although highly scalable. Use one to build up your archive of written exams, no matter whether held electronically or as paper & pencil assessment (scanning necessary). By the use of these storage components, you get an audit proof overall system.

Storage for IT equipment

Atesum provides laptop and tablet cases with integrated power supply. Looking for a compact all-in-one storage and transport sulution for your all-in-one exam solution? Then, these cases are the way to go. They hold up to 32 tablets, together with an administration laptop and of course - your eX-Box.

Leba supports you if you have to store the IT environment for large style computer based assessments. In this case, their computer carts provide the best way to stock all the required devices, including your eX-Box.


As a certified partner of the solution providers mentioned above, we are capable of expanding your exam environment with any of these options.