The eX-Box

The eX-Box - all you need to manage your exams!

Written exams are essential to ensure a successful and hopefully also durable learning process. On the other hand, they usually are a pile of work, and the effort by itself to prepare, conduct and revise exams typically has a rather low impact on learning success. So obviously means to speed up these processes are very helpful.

Unfortunately, the typical solutions available cover only parts of the exam process. For example, you may easily find something to be used for computer based assessments (CBA). But if for some reason you also want to manage paper based exams (e.g. use one question pool to prepare any exam), then you will need a second software. And if you want to manage the examinee's account data and perform the access control electronically, the next system is yours. And so on, and so on ...

Based on these facts, we have developped an appliance that serves all your needs concerning exams - the eX-Box. It is, although very compact, a full-fledged server which provides all the functionalities mentioned above - and even more.

So, what's in this box ... ?

The eX-Box supports:

  • The management of centralized question pools, which may be used for paper and pencil exams as well as for com­puter based as­sessments.
  • The preparation, realisation and grading of electronic ex­ams. The con­tent may range from multiple choice to mul­ti­media con­tent.
  • The preparation of first prints for paper based exams, including custo­mized result sheets for au­tomatised eva­luation. The do­cuments may be personalised for every examinee if required, including barcoded informations for easier processing.
  • The examinee's user data ma­nagement and the electronic access control at the entrance to the exam room(s).
  • Coming soon will be the option to mark handwritten exams by the use of tablet computers, automated collection of the results included. 

Although we do our very best to offer you a jack of all trades device, there exist several fields of activity where other companies gain the competitive edge. So, if you still miss something important for you, take a look at our partner's solutions here.

Download the eX-Box flyer:eX-Box flyer