The details

The eX-Box is an appliance, but also a concept.

The eX-Box holds a set of open source software individually bundled and configured to fit all your specific needs related to your way of managing the examination process. Of course, this software package may also be operated on any other server based environment.

In both cases, the approach is to provide a 'ready to go' solution, covering as many aspects of supporting the management of written exams as possible, which also includes the support of exam related process.

The eX-Box may be used for computer based assessments as well as for paper based exams, and e.g. also the management of the examinee's accounts is supported.

The main modules are:

  • The Pool module
    This module is used to store, categorize and revise your exam contents. These contents are stored in a format that allows you to interchange them with other schools, universities and further educational institutions. To asure this functionality, single questions as well as whole exams may be exported/imported in a format based on QTI (a specification especially develloped for exam contents).

  • The Prep module
    With this module, you may compose your exam, based on the contents of the question pool described above. Basically, you may choose between 'handpicked' compilation or automatic exam generation (e.g. 5 questions on topic A, 5 questions on topic B, and so on).
    The resulting exam may then be structured statically, so that every student gets exactly the same exam. To minimize the temptation to cheat by copying from another examinee, you may also choose the randomized composition, which means that the order of the questions is different in every issue of the exam. 
    The exam itself may then be generated to be held electronically or as a paper based assessment. In the latter case, a PDF version of the exam will be provided, either as a static template, or as a personalized document for every examinee.

  • The Exec module
    The computer based assessment (CBA) is carried out on an isolated IT environment. For small groups, the eX-Box itself may perform the task as CBA server. For larger groups and more frequently held CBAs, a separate instance of the CBA server is recommended.

  • The Scoring module
    This module is utilized to perform the point scoring and grading of exams. Both tasks are implemented as semi-automated processes, which means that all the handwork steps - e.g. determine the points for each answer of multiple choice questions - are executed automatically.
    The results may then always be adjusted manually, e.g. to modify the grading scales based on the effective outcome of the exam.

  • The Admin module
    This module is the centralized front end to all support processes of the exam management. For instance, it covers the user and the admission management and the generation of one time passwords for CBAs. In addition, it provides a web based admission control for any type of exam or other invitational events.