About us

Signum Informatik LLC was founded in 2003 as a service provider with regard to consulting and project management mandates.

Initially, our core competence lay in the field of electronic document management, and key aspects of activity were: 

  • Document digitalisation of invoices and other semi structured documents. This covers the whole process, that is the hardware as well as the software part (production scanners and scanning/indexation solutions).

  • Data extraction, i.e. the extraction of all relevant information from the picture of the scanned documents. This is typically accomplished by the use of OCR/ICR based form processing systems.

  • Furthermore, we applied ourselves to the indexation and archiving of the scanned documents and last but not least, the postprocessing of the data derived from the form processing.

On all of these topics, we still provide our services. But in the last years, we added another line of action to our competence portfolio: The support of exam management, no matter whether for schools, universities or on-the-job training.

Starting with software solutions, we found that although there exist many, none of them covers the management of the  whole exam process. This led us to the point of starting to develop of an overall solution that supports any kind of written exams, no matter whether paper or computer based, and to include the examinee's data management as well. Finally, we decided to pack all these functionalities in one appliance: eX-Box - The Exam Machine